For Survivors

First, call our 24-Hour Help Line at 1-866-WE-LISTEN. This is a free and confidential service. We can help you decide what you want to do next.

Making the decision to reach out and tell someone about your experience can be difficult. It can also be empowering. The Center will honor your feelings and decisions about your own healing process.

If you are assaulted…

  • Know that you did nothing wrong. What happened is not your fault.
  • Try to get to a safe place as quickly as possible. If you need immediate help, call a friend, neighbor, crisis unit, or 911 who can help you find safety.
  • If you need emotional support or to talk through your options, you can reach out to family, friends, and the Center.
  • You can call us at 1-866-WE LISTEN or 919-967-7273, or text us at 919-504-5211. We can provide emotional support and information about resources, and we can meet you in public places, such as the hospital, your workplace, a lawyer’s office, the police department, court, or the Community Empowerment Fund office as you move forward. If you want to know more about calling our helpline click here.
  • You may want to consider getting medical attention for injuries, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and pregnancy. You can receive medical attention without pressing charges, or you can ask hospital staff to collect evidence of your assailant from your body and clothes for if you do press charges. OCRCC advocates can accompany you through this process.
  • You may consider filing a police report. If you want, you can make a blind report. This is when you file a report without giving your name. OCRCC advocates can accompany you through this process.
  • Our Companions can provide ongoing emotional support to sexual violence survivors. We can support you immediately after an assault and also long after an assault.
  • Additionally, Companions can provide emotional support and information to secondary survivors (family, friends, and loved ones) in your life who may need a safe space to process and learn how to support you.


To learn more about the other services we offer, click here.

  • 24-Hour Help Line:

    • 866-WE-LISTEN (866-935-4783)
    • 919-967-7273 (Local)
    • 919-338-0746 (TTY)
    • 919-504-5211 (Text)